design M group is a full-service design firm and our affiliate design M architecture, d.p.c. is a full-service architectural firm, experienced in all aspects of project delivery. We recognize that the construction process can be an extremely stressful ordeal, if not handled properly. We aim to make the experience as pleasant and successful as possible. We tailor our services and scope of work to the individual project. No two projects are exactly alike, no two clients are exactly alike. Services available are offered in phases.

Service Phases:

Master Planning

When a construction project is commenced without a Master Plan, many times the newly constructed facility has to be partially demolished to permit the next expansion project to take place. This wastes the organization’s time and a great deal of money. Prior to undertaking any expansion of a facility your organization should have a Master Plan prepared to account for future growth.

Site Planning

A proposed construction site has many aspects, which should be considered prior to deciding where the building should be located. There is the topography, location of trees and other natural features, sun angles of the site, views as well as the location of access roads and services to the site. We can assist you in developing to the most advantageous location for a building on your site.


Architectural services are provided by our affiliate design M architecture, a New York State Design Professional Corporation. Marcus Marino RA AIA the President and Senior Architect is Nationally Certified through NCARB and is licensed in several states for over 30 years.

We provide the full range of architectural services from the project inception through move in. In conjunction with the other services of design M group, we provide a hassle free complete “turn key” delivery of the finished building.

Phasing Plans

Maintaining maximum use of space during construction and avoiding the creation of budget or logistic challenges for the contractors is a key cost and schedule control factor. We work with clients and contractors during the bidding phase to create the most efficient phasing plan. However, even in the event that the phasing plan was not prepared prior to the completion of construction drawings, there are still procedures that can be implemented to guarantee the usefulness of your facility during construction.

Interior Design

Interior design is available for residential spaces, from private houses or condominiums, to commercial private offices, to the public space of a wide range of facilities. Whether a medical office suite, hotel or restaurant, our organization can prepare the design that will convey the message and feel you want.

Interior Space Planning

For large corporate offices, the space planning services offered will not only maximize the valuable real estate space available, but will create a layout that will enable your staff to perform with the utmost efficiency and productivity.

Zoning Studies

The Zoning of any individual lot of land differs from town to town and within major cities like New York varies from block to block. To clearly know what your development rights are one needs to acquire a zoning study.

Feasibility Studies

Prior to purchasing land or commencing an expansion project it is best to determine if the desired results are in fact feasible. Whether financially, legally or physically a feasibility study will render the information required to determine if the project in its current conceptual form is the right path to follow.

Building Code Reviews

When investing in real estate, one of the issues that needs to be addressed is if the building in its current form meets the requirements of the Building Code, which legally is applicable to that building. In addition if changed to the building are contemplated, then the issue that needs to be addressed is to what extent the existing building has to be modified when an expansion project takes place to bring the existing portions of the building into compliance with the Building Code applicable to the completed project.


The design M group brings you the LAR (Legal Architectural Review). Always secure a LAR prior to purchasing real estate in New York to protect yourself from inheriting liabilities.
According to the New York City Law the current owner of a real estate lot is always responsible for maintaining their building per the New York City Record of the approved Architectural Plans.
Property owner’s liability can range from mandatory fines to criminal charges; see the New York Times article “Bronx Landlords Guilt in Deaths of Two Firefighters” dated 2/19/2009. When you get your LAR, you will be alerted of any legal and possible financial liabilities that you may be about to inherit due to the building you are about to purchase not conforming to the New York City Record of Approval Plans when you close on the property and become the new owner.

Don’t get caught unaware of these possible dangers!

If you purchase a home with a illegal deck your liability increases dramatically. According to US OSHA more injuries and deaths occur due to improper decks then any other part of the home.

Protect yourself! Get a LAR!

Interior Decorating

Sometimes the interior space planning and interior design just does not complete the look and feel you want to create. Weather a residential space or a commercial space, Interior Decorating will raise the “WOW” factor of the room.


We have all heard the phrase “curb appeal” when selling real estate especially residential properties. Staging is very important in creating the proper environment to sway the emotions of a potential buyer. It requires the proper placement of furniture and art for that special mood.

Art Programs

We are able to recommend an art program for any budget. Any art program should be based on the philosophy of the company and should be coordinated with the interior design of the space.